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Accurate measurement helps to ensure the perfect fit for every body. Here is a quick video instruction about the required measurements and the way to take them right.

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Hi, my name is Slava (yes, really strange name). Originally I am from Ukraine, but currently living in Austin, TX for almost 4 years. Seems I was born with knitting needles and crochet hook in hands. All my life I tried to make something different, special, unique. I used to work at the factory, sewing 40 bags per day, than with wedding dresses and their crazy brides. But it wasn’t me, there was no love, I had no passion. Bosses told me what to do, when and how. Now my team is my lovely husband and the precious kiddo. Here is the page with my creations. All of them have a part of myself. So, get some coffee and happy scrolling.
Yaroslava Kozachok

Founder, Mint Fox.

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Mint Fox Studio with ❤️ from Austin, TX. 2021.